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Postcard Came in 94 Years — Postcards are usually sent to deliver news, speech, or short message, because the postcards have little space to write, not like the other letters written on paper. Did you know that there is a postcard that came in 94 years?

A postcard from a soldier in First World War battlefields should be sent to arrive 94 years later.

Alfred Arthur, who was then aged 19, wrote a letter to his sister Ellen in January 1916 from the camp at Newhaven, East Sussex, the day before he was sent to France.

The message reads: “My little sister Nell, only this postcard that can mewakilkanku, that I will never forget you. I expect to always pray and support. As well as a line of sentence reply from you. Your brother, Alfred”.

However, the postcard was not achieving the goal before Alfred died two years later in Grecourt. Her sister Nell, died in 1964.

In fact, when it is finally submitted a postcard 94 years later, the post was placed in front of the door opposite the actual address in Norwich, where Lauren Bleach live.

“This card comes with a pile we post letters other. When this card is found, we were very shocked and did not believe the Royal Mail deliver the letter after 94 years to our house. Even this letter the wrong address. Because should this letter to the family behind blocks of our house, ” says Lauren, as reported by Orange, on Friday (25/02/2011).

“The contents of this letter is very emotional and touching our feelings. Poor Nell who have not had time to read this letter,” she continued.

With the help of genealogical, Lauren down the family of Nell and finally the letter to the families now have until Alfred and Nell.

94 years is not a short time to await the arrival of a postcard. That’s the story of a postcard that arrived after 94 years later, from Alfred to Nell.

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