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kamus singkatan gaul bahasa inggris

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Pernah menemukan beberapa singkatan gaul dalam chatting, membaca komentar, saat anda berinternet? Banyak istilah atau singkatan yang digunakan oleh chatter untuk mempersingkat tulisan dalam kata-kata. Sebagian besar singkatan dalam bahasa Inggris yang umumnya digunakan seperti TY, LOL, WB, ILY, IC, NP, BRB, mungkin sudah banyak yang tahu. Ternyata masih banyak lagi singkatan-singkatan lainnya di internet yang sering digunakan.

Singkatan gaul bahasa Inggris di internet ini diciptakan dan dipopulerkan oleh para pengguna internet untuk menghemat waktu. Bagi sang penulis, cara ini cukup efektif untuk mempersingkat waktu penulisan, namun bagi pembaca, terkadang memakan waktu dua kali lebih banyak untuk memahami apa yang sebenarnya ingin disampaikan atau dikatakan.

Singkatan-singkatan ini biasa keluar saat kamu lagi chat atau dalam game, apalagi chat di room para bule.

Mau tahu apa saja singkatan bahasa inggris di internet itu apa saja? Lihat daftar dibawah ini. Tapi mohon maaf sebelumnya kalau di daftar ini terpaksa pakai tanda bintang untuk menyembunyikan kata-kata yang tidak baiknya ya.

*Untuk memudahkan pencarian, pake fasilitas pencarian (Control+F) di browser, atau pake Find in page dalam menu di android.

No. Singkatan Arti No. Singkatan Arti
1 AFAP As Far As Possible 87 1 One, exclamation mark
2 A&F, AAF Always And Forever 88 2 To, Too or Two
3 A3 Anywhere, Any time, Any place 89 4 For or Four
4 AA Alcoholics Anonymous 90 IRL In real life
5 AAB Average At Best 91 ITT In this thread
6 AAK Alive And Kicking 92 IYDMMA If you don’t mind me asking
7 AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact 93 JJ Just joking
8 AAP Always A Pleasure 94 JK Just kidding
9 AAR At Any Rate 95 JOOC Just out of curiosity
10 AAYF As Always, Your Friend 96 JP Just playing
11 ABD Already Been Done 97 K Okay
12 ABH Actual Bodily Harm 98 KK Ok Cool or Ok Kewl
13 ABN *sshole By Nature 99 KL kool, cool
14 ABT Absolutely 100 Kwl Cool
15 ABT About 101 L8r Later
16 ADM All Day Long 102 LLAH Laughing like a Hyena
17 ADMIN Administrator 103 LMAO Laughing my *ss off
18 ADN Any Day Now 104 LMFAO Laughing my f*cking *ss off
19 AEAE And Ever And Ever 105 LOL Laugh out loud
20 AEAP As Early As Possible 106 LQTM Laugh quietly to myself
21 AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned 107 M8 Mate
22 AFAIC As Far As I’m Concerned 108 MYOB Mind your own business
23 AFAICS As Far As I Can See 109 NLS Not Life Safe
24 AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell 110 NOYB None of your business
25 AFAIK As Far As I Know 111 NP No problem
26 AFAIR As Far As I Remember 112 NSFW Not Safe For Work
27 AFC / AFK
Away From Computer 113 Nvm Never Mind
28 AFD All F***ing Day 114 NVM Never mind
29 AFT About F***ing Time 115 NWS Not Work Safe
30 AGW All Going Well 116 O Oh
31 Aight Are you alright, Yo 117 O3 Out Of Office
32 ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud 118 OGC Man J*cking Off
33 ANY1 Anyone 119 OIC Oh, I see
34 AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something? 120 OJ Only Joking
35 B Be 121 OMG Oh my God!, Oh my Goodness!,
36 B4 Before 122 OOC Out of Character
37 Bb Bye Bye, Goodbye 123 OP Original Poster, Original Post
38 BBIAB Be back in a bit 124 OT Off topic
39 BBL Be back later 125 PEBKAC Problem exists between the keyboard and the chair
40 BBS Be back soon 126 Pic Picture
41 BD Big deal 127 PITA Pain in the *ss
42 BRB Be right back 128 Pix Pictures
43 BRB Be right back or Bath-room break 129 Plz, Pls Please
44 BRT Be right there 130 PMSL Pissing, pissed myself laughing
45 BTW By the way 131 POS Piece of sh*t
46 C See 132 PPL People
47 CSWS Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 133 PTTL Pop to the loo
48 CU See you 134 RL Real life
49 CUL See you later 135 ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
50 Cuz Because 136 ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss off
51 CYA See you 137 ROFLMAOL Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss out loud
52 CYS Check your settings 138 Shudda Should have
53 da The 139 SMH Shaking my head
54 dat That 140 SO Significant other
55 der There 141 SOS Same old sh*t
56 DIAF Die in a fire 142 soz, srry Sorry
57 Dunno Dont know 143 SSDD Same sh*t, different day
58 FAQ Frequently asked questions 144 STFW Search the f*cking web
59 FOAD **** off and die 145 sup What’s up?
60 FTL For the loss 146 sup homes What’s up, friend?
61 FTUW For the uber win 147 SWW Sorry, wrong window – typing in the wrong box
62 FTW For the win 148 Thnx Thanks
63 FWIW For what it’s worth 149 Tho Though
64 FYI For your information 150 TIA Thanks in advance
65 G2G / GTG Got to go 151 TTFN Ta ta for now
66 GAL Get a life 152 TTYL Talk to you later
67 GFY Good for you 153 TTYT Talk to you tomorrow
68 GG Good game, Good going 154 TY Thank you
69 GIYF Google is your friend 155 TYT Take your time
70 Gonna Going to 156 U You
71 HAND Have a nice day 157 W8 Wait
72 HS Holy sh*t! 158 Wanna Want to
73 HTH Hope this helps 159 WB Welcome back
74 IACL I am currently laughing 160 Wd Well done
75 IANAL I am not a lawyer 161 WDUWTA? What do you want to talk about?
76 IANARS I am not a rocket scientist 162 Wile While
77 IC I see 163 WOOT We own the other team
78 ICYDK In case you didn’t know 164 WTH? What the hell?
79 IDGI I don’t get it 165 WURSC Wow, you are so cool
80 IDK I don’t know 166 YCM You copied me
81 Iggy Igloo 167 Ye Yeah, Yes
82 IIRC If I recall correctly 168 YMMV Your mileage may vary
83 ILY or ILU I love you 169 Yo Hey, Your
84 IMHO In my honest opinion 170 YSVW You are so very welcome
85 IMNSHO In my not so honest opinion 171 YW You are welcome
86 IMO In my opinion      

Jangan takut dibilang gak gaul lagi ya guys n gals! Masih ada singkatan bahasa gaul bahasa inggris yang belum tercantum disini? Kasih komentar ya, kita saling melengkapi. ^_^