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kamus singkatan gaul bahasa inggris

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Pernah menemukan beberapa singkatan gaul dalam chatting, membaca komentar, saat anda berinternet? Banyak istilah atau singkatan yang digunakan oleh chatter untuk mempersingkat tulisan dalam kata-kata. Sebagian besar singkatan dalam bahasa Inggris yang umumnya digunakan seperti TY, LOL, WB, ILY, IC, NP, BRB, mungkin sudah banyak yang tahu. Ternyata masih banyak lagi singkatan-singkatan lainnya di internet yang sering digunakan.

Singkatan gaul bahasa Inggris di internet ini diciptakan dan dipopulerkan oleh para pengguna internet untuk menghemat waktu. Bagi sang penulis, cara ini cukup efektif untuk mempersingkat waktu penulisan, namun bagi pembaca, terkadang memakan waktu dua kali lebih banyak untuk memahami apa yang sebenarnya ingin disampaikan atau dikatakan.

Singkatan-singkatan ini biasa keluar saat kamu lagi chat atau dalam game, apalagi chat di room para bule.

Mau tahu apa saja singkatan bahasa inggris di internet itu apa saja? Lihat daftar dibawah ini. Tapi mohon maaf sebelumnya kalau di daftar ini terpaksa pakai tanda bintang untuk menyembunyikan kata-kata yang tidak baiknya ya.

*Untuk memudahkan pencarian, pake fasilitas pencarian (Control+F) di browser, atau pake Find in page dalam menu di android.

1AFAPAs Far As Possible871One, exclamation mark
2A&F, AAFAlways And Forever882To, Too or Two
3A3Anywhere, Any time, Any place894For or Four
4AAAlcoholics Anonymous90IRLIn real life
5AABAverage At Best91ITTIn this thread
6AAKAlive And Kicking92IYDMMAIf you don’t mind me asking
7AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact93JJJust joking
8AAPAlways A Pleasure94JKJust kidding
9AARAt Any Rate95JOOCJust out of curiosity
10AAYFAs Always, Your Friend96JPJust playing
11ABDAlready Been Done97KOkay
12ABHActual Bodily Harm98KKOk Cool or Ok Kewl
13ABN*sshole By Nature99KLkool, cool
16ADMAll Day Long102LLAHLaughing like a Hyena
17ADMINAdministrator103LMAOLaughing my *ss off
18ADNAny Day Now104LMFAOLaughing my f*cking *ss off
19AEAEAnd Ever And Ever105LOLLaugh out loud
20AEAPAs Early As Possible106LQTMLaugh quietly to myself
21AFAIACAs Far As I Am Concerned107M8Mate
22AFAICAs Far As I’m Concerned108MYOBMind your own business
23AFAICSAs Far As I Can See109NLSNot Life Safe
24AFAICTAs Far As I Can Tell110NOYBNone of your business
25AFAIKAs Far As I Know111NPNo problem
26AFAIRAs Far As I Remember112NSFWNot Safe For Work
Away From Computer113NvmNever Mind
28AFDAll F***ing Day114NVMNever mind
29AFTAbout F***ing Time115NWSNot Work Safe
30AGWAll Going Well116OOh
31AightAre you alright, Yo117O3Out Of Office
32ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud118OGCMan J*cking Off
33ANY1Anyone119OICOh, I see
34AYSOSAre You Stupid Or Something?120OJOnly Joking
35BBe121OMGOh my God!, Oh my Goodness!,
36B4Before122OOCOut of Character
37BbBye Bye, Goodbye123OPOriginal Poster, Original Post
38BBIABBe back in a bit124OTOff topic
39BBLBe back later125PEBKACProblem exists between the keyboard and the chair
40BBSBe back soon126PicPicture
41BDBig deal127PITAPain in the *ss
42BRBBe right back128PixPictures
43BRBBe right back or Bath-room break129Plz, PlsPlease
44BRTBe right there130PMSLPissing, pissed myself laughing
45BTWBy the way131POSPiece of sh*t
47CSWSCan’t Stop, Won’t Stop133PTTLPop to the loo
48CUSee you134RLReal life
49CULSee you later135ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
50CuzBecause136ROFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my *ss off
51CYASee you137ROFLMAOLRolling on the floor laughing my *ss out loud
52CYSCheck your settings138ShuddaShould have
53daThe139SMHShaking my head
54datThat140SOSignificant other
55derThere141SOSSame old sh*t
56DIAFDie in a fire142soz, srrySorry
57DunnoDont know143SSDDSame sh*t, different day
58FAQFrequently asked questions144STFWSearch the f*cking web
59FOAD**** off and die145supWhat’s up?
60FTLFor the loss146sup homesWhat’s up, friend?
61FTUWFor the uber win147SWWSorry, wrong window – typing in the wrong box
62FTWFor the win148ThnxThanks
63FWIWFor what it’s worth149ThoThough
64FYIFor your information150TIAThanks in advance
65G2G / GTGGot to go151TTFNTa ta for now
66GALGet a life152TTYLTalk to you later
67GFYGood for you153TTYTTalk to you tomorrow
68GGGood game, Good going154TYThank you
69GIYFGoogle is your friend155TYTTake your time
70GonnaGoing to156UYou
71HANDHave a nice day157W8Wait
72HSHoly sh*t!158WannaWant to
73HTHHope this helps159WBWelcome back
74IACLI am currently laughing160WdWell done
75IANALI am not a lawyer161WDUWTA?What do you want to talk about?
76IANARSI am not a rocket scientist162WileWhile
77ICI see163WOOTWe own the other team
78ICYDKIn case you didn’t know164WTH?What the hell?
79IDGII don’t get it165WURSCWow, you are so cool
80IDKI don’t know166YCMYou copied me
81IggyIgloo167YeYeah, Yes
82IIRCIf I recall correctly168YMMVYour mileage may vary
83ILY or ILUI love you169YoHey, Your
84IMHOIn my honest opinion170YSVWYou are so very welcome
85IMNSHOIn my not so honest opinion171YWYou are welcome
86IMOIn my opinion   

Jangan takut dibilang gak gaul lagi ya guys n gals! Masih ada singkatan bahasa gaul bahasa inggris yang belum tercantum disini? Kasih komentar ya, kita saling melengkapi. ^_^

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