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How to Maintain Long-lasting Marriage To Stay? — Marriage is something that has been coveted by mature couples in loving relationships. But marriage is also not easy to live. Many marriages are stranded in the middle of the road because there are problems that can not be resolved.

If our sense of belonging to something great, it usually comes overprotective nature. So did that happen in a marriage. Level of ownership would be greater than when we are dating.

Moreover, wives or spouses who have emotional, soul, and body; should require ‘care’ more serious and intense than if you have a car.

There are easy ways you can apply in your marriage. Some steps that can be tried and labored to keep the marriage intact:

1. Create opportunities. If you do not schedule it, you probably will never have time alone. Make time every day goods 20 minutes.2. Give a surprise. So that marriage life is not monotonous, you need to be creative. Try to make pleasant surprises and romantic.

3. Play together. Couples who have similar interests and hobbies, long-term benefit of marriage. Why not do together?

4. Turn on the atmosphere. Chatting and laughing together couples is important, because it makes you feel comfortable and close to each other. Do it as often as possible.

5. Listen to him. If your partner is angry because he felt ignored when talking, maybe it’s true. So stop your busy life and listen until you understand what he wants to express.

6. Focus your feelings. The quarrel usually begins with range attacks, “You’re ridiculous!” or, “You’re always late!” Why not say, “I’m nervous because you do not know where. If you give out your position, it was very helpful and I so know where to reach you. “

7. Change yourself first. You should be able to control your own attitude and behavior rather than watching the mistakes made by couples. Usually when one changes the other will follow.

8. Start from small things. If you do every day can reduce a deed that worsen the relationship, you do great things.

9. Stop attacking each other. Sharp-tongued one-time, can remove 20 times the kindness you have ever done. So stop attacking each other.

10. Stop blaming each other. Remember that by pointing a finger at your partner, you are actually at least the middle three fingers pointing towards yourself. How do you even have the same contribution and responsibility.

Who does not want marriage only once a lifetime. All couples will want this. We expected to keep the sacred love in a marriage well. Only death will separate. Throw away “divorce” word in our marriage. Hopefully the above tips are useful for creating your marriage become more qualified. Learn and understand more deeply, what’s the meaning of love and compassion.

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