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First Female of The Beatles Science Masters DegreeFirst Female of The Beatles Science Masters Degree — You are certainly familiar with the legendary music group The Beatles. Music group The Beatles are one of the band’s success in America, whose name was not forgotten until the present. Now there has been a woman who became the first person holds S2 (master) in a review of The Beatles.

Former Miss Canada is 53 years old entered the Department of The Beatles, Popular Music and Society at Liverpool Hope University, newly opened in 2009.

The campus is located in the city of origin of the personnel of the Beatles, Liverpool. The participants of this program will attend classes for four times in 12 weeks and should make a dissertation before they passed. “Already more than 8,000 books on the Beatles, but there has never been serious about their studies,” said popular music lecturer Mike Brocken, such as the Post Chronicle edition published Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

In the hometown of the Fabulous Four, Mary-Lu joined with 25 other students, but she is the first student to graduate. “I am very proud of this acquisition,”he told the Herald Sun on Thursday (27 / 1).

Programs Tier 2 Master of Art discusses the cultural impact in the composition composed Liverpool John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Furthermore, the influence of their music on the identity, culture and society.

The program is studying the composition of songs and sound patterns used in the Beatles studio. In addition, the participants also examined the impact of the songs of the Beatles for the formation of individual character, culture, and society.

Mary-Lu, a professional singer that has produced three albums, was deeply challenged by the topic. “They proved to have an impact on many aspects of life today,” she said.

MA Founder of The Beatles Mike Brocken said this department is the only one in the World. According to him, Mary-Lu is now one of the group of experts Popular Music Studies. “All I can give fresh thinking in the science of music,” she said.

The woman has succeeded in becoming the first man to win the Masters in the study of The Beatles. Graduation will be followed by several students who are majoring in the same in the future.


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