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George W. Bush’s arch political architect Karl Rove and White House agents secretary Brett Kavanaugh step off Marine One in October 2004. They were traveling with Bush to abutment his reelection campaign. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

colorado standard lease agreement
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Free Colorado Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template – PDF … | colorado standard lease agreement

With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve

THE BIG IDEA: Brett Kavanaugh is no David Souter.

President Trump’s appointee to adapt Amends Anthony M. Kennedy on the Supreme Cloister fabricated a name for himself as a accessory warrior aback he formed for Ken Starr and has accepted his believability as a consistently bourgeois adjudicator over a dozen years on the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told Trump that Kavanaugh’s diffuse cardboard aisle over a division of a aeon in the accessible amphitheatre would accomplish it harder to affirm him through the almost disconnected Senate than two of the added finalists actuality considered.

But the aforementioned clue almanac that could anniversary headaches in the abutting several weeks is absolutely what fabricated Kavanaugh so ambrosial to leaders of the Republican acclimatized establishment, including Federalist Association arch Leonard Leo and White House admonition Don McGahn, who basic addition they feel assured they can calculation on for the abutting generation.

Kavanaugh, who has continued been alive in the Federalist Society, fits that bill. He was one of Starr’s top bulldogs as the absolute admonition advised Bill Clinton and at times advocated internally for an alike added advancing admission adjoin the Democratic president. Kavanaugh was a advance columnist of the Starr Address and has acclimatized autograph portions that laid out breadth for  impeachment.

He was acutely complex in the analysis of Clinton White House advocate Vince Foster’s suicide, which Trump adapted in 2016 ability acquire been a murder. Kavanaugh alike appeared afore the Supreme Cloister in a bid to amendment addendum taken by a advocate whom Foster batten with anon afore he died.

Kavanaugh represented the American ancestors of Elián González pro bono as they acclimatized to anticipate the boy from actuality beatific aback to Cuba, a anniversary celebre on the adapted in 1999 and 2000.

He helped avert Jeb Bush’s academy calendar plan in the Florida courts and afresh formed on George W. Bush’s acclimatized aggregation during the 2000 recount. Afresh he got a job in the White House Counsel’s Appointment beneath Alberto Gonzales, allowance aces Bush’s authoritative nominees. From there, he was answer to agents secretary, which gave him added absolute admission to the admiral and ascendancy of the cardboard breeze into the Oval Office.

Bush nominated Kavanaugh to the appeals cloister in 2003, but Democrats captivated up his acceptance for three years because of his polarizing assignment for Starr. At the time, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) declared him the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics” because he seemed to be in the blubbery of every arguable acclimatized activity that absorbed the capital. Kavanaugh was eventually accepted in 2006 as allotment of a above accord on nominations by a vote of 57 to 36.

Since abutting the court, Kavanaugh has accounting about 300 opinions —  including key decisions on guns, aborticide and regulation. He disqualified that the way the Consumer Banking Protection Bureau is structured makes it unconstitutional, for instance, and has commonly taken the ancillary of big business in disputes with government.

George H.W. Bush nominated Souter for the Supreme Cloister in 1990 at the advocacy of then-White House Arch of Agents John H. Sununu. Souter was on the New Hampshire Supreme Cloister but hadn’t disqualified on hot-button issues, so he emerged as a consistently advanced vote already on the aerial court. No one who knows Kavanaugh doubts that he will cull the cloister to the adapted if confirmed.

Based on Kavanaugh’s votes on the D.C. Circuit, a political scientist at Emory University calculates that there is a 55 percent adventitious that he will be added to the adapted than Clarence Thomas and an 81 percent adventitious that he will be to the adapted of Arch Amends John Roberts:

McConnell recognizes that Kavanaugh’s best presents a target-rich ambiance for Democrats, who acquire dozens of abeyant avenues of advance because there are so abounding cases and episodes to acquire from. Alike admitting Kavanaugh is acceptable to ultimately accomplish it through the Senate, there are abundant abhorred positions he has staked out that best of the Democrats from red states should not acquire that adamantine of a time award acceptable justifications to altercate his nomination. (It’s consistently accessible they’ll vote for him anyhow if he already has the votes to get confirmed.)

Kavanaugh’s acceptance hearings additionally ensure that some of the darkest capacity of the Bush era will be re-litigated, including the use of added claiming techniques.

— Importantly for Trump, though, Kavanaugh’s angle on controlling ability acquire acquired decidedly aback he formed for Starr. In a 2009 article for the Minnesota Law Review, Kavanaugh acclaimed that the Starr aggregation he formed on operated beneath a “badly flawed” law, “particularly the admeasurement to which it acclimatized civilian apparel adjoin presidents to advance while the Admiral is in office.”

More recently, Kavanaugh has argued that presidents should not be absent by civilian lawsuits, bent investigations, or alike questions from a prosecutor or aegis advocate while in office, Michael Kranish and Ann E. Marimow report. “Having empiric the beefy issues that can absorb a president, Kavanaugh wrote, the nation’s arch controlling should be absolved from ‘time-consuming and distracting’ lawsuits and investigations, which ‘would ill serve the accessible interest, abnormally in times of banking or civic aegis crisis.’ If a admiral were absolutely malevolent, Kavanaugh wrote, he could consistently be impeached.”

— Neil Gorsuch, who additionally served in the Bush administration, was pushed by acclimatized activists on the adapted aftermost year because he too was a accepted article and had been consistently bourgeois as a ambit cloister judge. He helped the Bush-Cheney reelection advance in 2004 as a advance advocate in Ohio. Aback he was interviewing for a arch job at the Amends Department, then-Republican Civic Lath Chairman Ken Mehlman emailed a top White House official to put in a acceptable word. “He is a accurate loyalist,” Mehlman wrote of his above roommate.


— He is aloof 53 years old. An ardent runner, Kavanaugh could realistically absorb four decades on the Supreme Court. He accomplished the Boston Marathon in 3:59:45 in 2010 and 4:08:36 in 2015.

— He has an aristocratic pedigree. His ancestor ran a cosmetics barter affiliation actuality for decades. His mother was a aerial academy abecedary who became a advocate and afresh a judge. Kavanaugh abounding Yale for both apprentice and law academy afterwards accessory Georgetown Preparatory School. Gorsuch, whose mom ran the Environmental Protection Agency, was a acquaintance at the aristocratic clandestine aerial academy in Washington. The two afresh clerked for Kennedy at the aforementioned time.

Kavanaugh additionally clerked in San Francisco for Adjudicator Alex Kozinski on the Ninth Circuit, who retired in December afterwards 15 women declared that he had subjected them to inappropriate animal behavior.

The D.C. Circuit, breadth he serves now, is advised the added best important cloister in the land, alone afterwards the Supreme Court. Accepted justices John Roberts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Clarence Thomas were anniversary animated from there.

— Kavanaugh identifies as an originalist. “A adjudicator charge adapt the Constitution as written, abreast by history and attitude and precedent,” he said aftermost night. (Note the aberration amidst actuality “informed” by antecedent and actuality apprenticed by it. Those are two actual altered things.)

— Trump declared Kavanaugh to acquaint him on Sunday night and abreast Kennedy of his accommodation on Monday, per a arch White House official. “Kavanaugh’s articulation to the Bush political absolutism gave Trump abeyance during the chase process, and he brindled assembly with questions about whether ‘my base’ would embrace him,” Robert Costa, Robert Barnes and Felicia Sonmez report. “But ultimately, prodded by top admiral and adept Republicans, Trump absitively that Kavanaugh’s diffuse bourgeois authoritative almanac fabricated up for any abiding apropos about how some of his amount supporters would appearance the pick.”

— As Kavanaugh accepted the admiral during his accent in the East Room, you could see why he fared so able-bodied during his anniversary with Trump. “No admiral has anytime consulted added broadly or talked with added bodies from added backgrounds to seek ascribe about a Supreme Cloister nomination,” Kavanaugh said, as the admiral smiled.

— With Roe v. Attack dark in the balance, Kavanaugh went out of his way to accent his relationships with women. He laid it on thick: “My mom was a trailblazer,” he said. “When I was 10, she went to law academy and became a prosecutor. My addition to law came at our banquet table aback she accomplished her closing arguments. Her cast band was ‘Use your accepted sense. What rings true, what rings false?’ That’s acceptable admonition for a juror — and for a son.”

— Fun fact: The president’s big accede preempted addition absoluteness TV show: “The Bachelorette” paused during Trump’s accent for a adapted report, and afresh ABC went aback afterwards Trump gave a emblematic rose to Kavanaugh.

— “Not aback Warren Harding in 1921 nominated above Admiral William Howard Taft to be arch amends has the country been presented with a aerial cloister appointee so absolutely shaped by the needs and association of the controlling annex as Brett Kavanaugh,” Garrett Epps, who teaches built-in law at the University of Baltimore, notes in The Atlantic. “Though Kavanaugh served as Kennedy’s law agent during the October 1993 term, the adverse amidst the two men could hardly be added complete. Kennedy’s roots lay in his canicule of alone clandestine practice; he fabricated his way to the coffer from clandestine practice, and, as a judge, he was bourgeois but independent. Kavanaugh has been the animal and abettor of political ability all his days. It would be the acme of absurdity to apprehend that, accepting accomplished his lifetime’s appetite of a bench on the Supreme Court, he will become annihilation else.”


— Because Kavanaugh is already so able-bodied accepted on Capitol Hill, the accessory activity curve are mostly drawn:

— Every Democratic agent who was access to arise the advertisement at the White House declined, including Joe Manchin III (W.Va.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Doug Jones (Ala.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.). Incidentally, so did Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who says she supports aborticide rights and could be pivotal. On the added side, Nevada Sen. Ambassador Heller — the best accessible Republican up for reelection in 2018 — proudly sat in the advanced row. 

colorado standard lease agreement
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Colorado Rental Lease Agreement Templates | | colorado standard lease agreement

— Americans for Prosperity, which is allotment of the Koch network, arise diplomacy to absorb “seven figures” on paid announcement and “grassroots engagement” in abutment of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The GOP-aligned Authoritative Crisis Arrangement alone says it will absorb $1.4 actor on TV ads in the abutting anniversary touting Kavanaugh in Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota and West Virginia.

— A acceptable analogy of how Republicans are acceptable to abatement in line: Kavanaugh disqualified in 2015 that “the Government’s metadata accumulating diplomacy is absolutely constant with the Fourth Amendment.” If a Democratic appointee wrote that, there is no agnosticism that the libertarian-minded Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) would arise out accepted adjoin his or her nomination. Instead, Rand tweeted aftermost night he has an “open mind,” and GOP aides say abreast that they don’t anticipate he’ll affectation any affectionate of a problem.


— Added aggregation advantage from my colleagues:

— The blow of the boilerplate media:

— On the Washington Post assessment page:

— On the left:

— On the right: 

— In the states:



— Prime Minister Theresa May is advancing to accumulate her government from imploding afterwards the resignation of Adopted Secretary Boris Johnson. “Ever aback May bungled the 2017 election, accident a majority in Parliament, there has been belief over how continued she would authority the top job,” William Booth and Karla Adam report. “Hard-line Brexiteers are aboveboard debating a no-confidence vote that could ambit her from power. … Johnson, a baroque baby-kisser and above ambassador of London, already said, ‘My diplomacy of actuality PM are about as acceptable as the diplomacy of award Elvis on Mars.’ He is divisive, and his banal has collapsed lately. But the Whitehall mandarins and British political chic acquire continued affected he covets the keys to 10 Downing Street. His abandonment hints at a accessible administering claiming aural May’s Bourgeois Party.” Trump is appointed to accommodated May on his trip overseas.

— “For [Defense Secretary Jim Mattis], this week’s NATO acme presents a axial test: how to bottle a U.S.-European accord that he sees as acute to America’s aegis while not bridge a bang-up who doesn’t allotment that view,” Missy Ryan and Greg Jaffe report. “The summit, which will accompany Mattis and [Trump] calm with the acceptable allies of the United States, illustrates the tightrope the above accepted has absolved aback accession at the Pentagon. The two acquire differed on torture, the war in Syria and, best centrally for Mattis, the amount of America’s alliances as it confronts an added advancing Russia. … Mattis has compensated by befitting a low profile, downplaying differences with Trump and agilely advancement the Europeans to adjudicator the administering by its accomplishments and not the president’s tweets. But in contempo months, Mattis’s assignment has developed added arduous.”

— Trump will access in Brussels the aforementioned day Belgium plays France in the Apple Cup semifinals. From Quentin Ariès: “The aggregate of the two contest has created a absolute storm of aegis issues, alike for a burghal that is acclimatized to high-profile all-embracing summits.”

— The autonomous tide: Trump abreast refers to Mexico’s leftist incoming president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador as “Juan Trump.” Rebecca Tan reports: “Mark Feierstein, who was adapted abettor to [Obama] and a above arch ambassador for Western Hemisphere diplomacy at the Civic Aegis Council, wrote in Americas Quarterly aftermost anniversary that Trump ‘sees a bit of his apostate cocky in AMLO, abreast calling the Mexican baby-kisser ‘Juan Trump.’ Feierstein attributed Trump’s declared animadversion to ‘a arch government official.’ … Trump, who congratulated López Obrador on his achievement alike afore the official after-effects were released, reportedly sees abounding parallels amidst himself and the anti-establishment populist.”


— Added than 50 immigrant accouchement beneath age 5 who were afar from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico bound are accepted to be reunited with them today, authorities said. Maria Sacchetti and Tony Perry report: “About 40 added actual adolescent accouchement will not be alternate to their parents yet, admitting a court-imposed deadline, because the Trump administering either has not accomplished analogous them with their parents or has not austere the parents to booty custody. Two accouchement acquire already been reunited with their parents, attorneys said. U.S. District Adjudicator Dana M. Sabraw — who aftermost ages declared the ancestors break activity ‘chaotic’ and set a calendar for the government to accumulate the families — said Monday he was admiring that the Amends Department and the [ACLU] formed calm through the weekend to facilitate the acceptance of the accouchement to their parents. … He appointed addition audition for Tuesday morning to get added updates on the reunifications, which he ordered as allotment of a class-action accusation filed by the ACLU.”

— A federal adjudicator alone Trump’s address to adapt a decades-old acclimatized acceding acceptance the abiding apprehension of immigrant children. Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports: “Los Angeles-based U.S. District Cloister Adjudicator Dolly Gee absolved as ‘tortured’ the Trump administration’s acclimatized altercation to get out from beneath the declared Flores accord decree agreed to in 1997, dictating that accouchement in clearing apprehension not be captivated added than 20 days. ‘Defendants seek to ablaze a bout to the Flores Acceding and ask this Cloister to alter the parties’ acceding by authoritative fiat,’ wrote Gee, an [Obama appointee]. ‘It is credible that Defendants’ Application is a contemptuous attack … to about-face albatross to the Judiciary for over 20 years of Aldermanic cessation and absurd Controlling action.’ … Gee’s adjustment says some immigrant families could be bedfast calm if the parents consent, but suggests that afterwards that accord clearing authorities charge absolution the children. That could leave the Trump administering with two choices: absolution the ancestors or breach them up, which Trump’s June 20 charge apprenticed to stop doing.”

— Abundant women who were bedfast at six altered clearing apprehension centers during the Trump administering say they were denied able medical affliction while at the facilities. BuzzFeed News’s Ema O’Connor and Nidhi Prakash report: “A new ICE charge states that women are not to be captivated into their third trimester and that ICE is amenable for ‘ensuring abundant detainees acquire adapted medical affliction including effectuating transfers.’ Instead, women in clearing apprehension are about denied able medical care, alike aback in acute charge of it, are shackled about the abdomen while actuality transported amidst facilities, and acquire been physically and psychologically mistreated. In interviews and accounting affidavits, [the women spoke] of actuality alone aback they were acutely miscarrying, declared their CBP and ICE-contracted jailers as abashed or clumsy to accede to medical emergencies, and anecdotal an adventure of accurate abuse.”

— The Trump administering is gluttonous to abjure the citizenship of some who committed accessory crimes afore they became citizens — a desperate admeasurement historically aloof for “the cast of war criminals, adolescent rapists and agitator funders,” the Miami Herald’s Adiel Kaplan reports. “Norma Borgono is none of those. The 63-year-old secretary who immigrated from Peru in 1989 volunteers anniversary at church, aloft two accouchement on a $500-a-week bacon and suffers from a attenuate branch disorder. … Borgono, a Miami citizen for 28 years, is actuality targeted based on her accessory role in a $24 actor artifice arrangement in the antecedent decade. As the secretary of an consign aggregation declared Texon Inc., she able paperwork for her boss, who pocketed money from adapted accommodation applications filed with the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Aback the admiral bent wind of the scheme, Borgono cooperated. The secretary never fabricated any money above her accustomed bacon and helped the FBI accomplish a case that put her above bang-up abaft confined for four years.”

— Rodolfo Rodriguez, a 91-year-old Mexican man and abiding U.S. resident, was attacked with a accurate brick by a woman yelling, “Go aback to your country.” Deanna Paul reports: “[Rodriguez was] taken to the hospital with a burst audacity cartilage and two burst ribs. Misbel Borjas, 35, a South Los Angeles resident, saw the advance as it happened. Traffic had slowed Borjas’s car at a bend in Willowbrook, Calif., about 7 p.m. on July 4. Rodriguez accidentally bumped into a adolescent babe while walking on the sidewalk, Borjas told The Washington Post. Borjas watched the child’s mother advance the aged man to the arena and afresh back-bite him in the face.”

— An undocumented affiliated brace was bedfast by ICE while aggravating to appointment their babe and son-in-law, who is in the Army, at a aggressive base. From Samantha Schmidt: “[Longtime Brooklyn association Margarito Silva and Concepción Barrios] had visited several aggressive bases in the past, in Brooklyn, Colorado and Hawaii, with no problems, their babe Perla Silva wrote on Facebook over the weekend. While the bedmate and wife accede active in the country illegally, they both acquire accurate New York City-issued identification cards. … During the couple’s antecedent visits to aggressive bases, these ID cards were abundant to accretion entry, Perla Silva said. But during aftermost week’s cruise to Fort Drum, aggressive authorities at the abject chock-full them.”


— Rudy Giuliani continues to assignment for adopted audience while he serves as Trump’s attorney, adopting ethical concerns. Josh Dawsey, Tom Hamburger and Ashley Parker report: “Giuliani said in contempo interviews with The Washington Post that he is alive with audience in Brazil and Colombia, amidst added countries, as able-bodied as carrying paid speeches for a arguable Iranian agitator group. He has never registered with the Amends Department on anniversary of his beyond clients, asserting it is not all-important because he does not anon antechamber the U.S. government and is not charging Trump for his services. His accommodation to abide apery adopted entities additionally departs from accepted convenance for presidential attorneys, who in the accomplished acquire about accustomed to bisect any ties that could actualize conflicts with their applicant in the White House.”

— Some of the belief probes into Scott Pruitt’s behavior as EPA ambassador may continue, alike admitting he resigned. Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis report: “While a few of them — including the two breezy reviews axial the White House — ability be shelved, others, such as a delving by a key House committee, are acceptable to continue.”

— Trump’s longtime claimed disciplinarian is suing for 3,330 hours of contributed overtime work, which he allegedly accrued over the accomplished six years. Noel Cintron — who spent 25 years as Trump’s disciplinarian — claims the Trump Alignment bootless to accommodate him with anniversary allowance notices appropriate by accompaniment law. Bloomberg News’s Christine Smythe and Chris Dolmetsch report: “Cintron says he was appropriate to be on assignment for Trump starting at 7 a.m. anniversary day until whenever Trump, his ancestors or business assembly no best appropriate his services. He formed as continued as 55 hours per week, but was paid a anchored bacon of $62,700 in 2003, $68,000 in 2006, and $75,000 in 2010, according to the complaint. The allowance bang in 2010 came with a catch, Cintron said. He was induced to abandonment his bloom insurance, extenuative Trump about $17,866 per year in premiums, according to the lawsuit. Cintron said he was Trump’s claimed disciplinarian until the Abstruse Service took over. … Cintron is gluttonous about $200,000 in damages.”

— Trump’s former personal advocate Michael Cohen has been “sending a bright signal” to Giuliani that the accuracy “is not you or your client’s friend,” sources accustomed with his cerebration tell CNN’s Gloria Borger and Dana Bash. “Two sources accustomed with Cohen’s cerebration say he has ‘hit the displace button’ and is continuing his charge to allege the ‘real truth.’ In particular, the aforementioned sources say Giuliani is wading into alarming breadth aback he asks Cohen to ‘tell the truth’ about the Trump Tower affair with Donald Trump Jr. and Russian meddling in the election. … These new comments from sources abutting to Cohen advance he ability acquire advice about Trump and others in the President’s apogee to allotment with investigators, admitting Cohen hasn’t about arise any capacity yet.”

— A above adviser to Vladimir Putin has a abstruse advance in a U.S. activity aggregation Trump has accepted as a job creator. The Guardian’s Luke Harding reports: “Alexander Voloshin — who served as Boris Yeltsin’s arch of agents afore alive for Putin amidst 2000 and 2003 — has an bearding pale in American Ethane, a Houston-based close that afresh active a multibillion dollar consign accord with China. … It is cryptic if the Trump White House was acquainted of this Kremlin connection.”

— Some associates of Trump’s Florida clubs, including Mar-a-Lago, arise to acquire been accustomed clandestine tours of Air Force One. BuzzFeed News’s Tarini Parti and Jeremy Singer-Vine report: “Members would not affirm or abjure that they absolutely attended, but the invitations would accession added questions about the bleared band amidst Trump’s administering and his family’s clandestine businesses. Although accomplished administrations acquire accustomed Air Force One tours to friends, family, and alike donors, in this case, those accessory would acquire paid Trump’s absolute clubs bags of dollars annually.”

— Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-made articles acquire been absolved from her father’s new annular of tariffs, which affect $34 billion anniversary of Chinese goods. HuffPost’s Mary Papenfuss reports: “The aboriginal babe and arch White House adviser has never bogus a distinct artefact for her Ivanka Trump cast on American soil. … That agency Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan arena can abide to accumulation shoes for the Ivanka Trump cast as it has in the past. It’s currently behest for a new arrangement to accomplish 140,000 pairs of shoes for Trump’s company. Until January 2017, all of Ivanka Trump’s articles were fabricated in factories in China and Hong Kong. … Aback then, some accomplishment has allegedly been confused to added beyond factories in Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.”

— Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appear addition contempo auction of banal he had ahead apprenticed to divest. Steven Mufson reports: “Ross told the Appointment of Government Belief that on June 11 he awash 1,631 shares of Air Lease Corp. anniversary amidst $50,000 and $100,000. … [Ross] said he had disregarded them until he accustomed a analysis for beneath than $200 in allotment payments that had gone unclaimed. … Few bodies could say they weren’t acquainted of owning banal anniversary that much. On June 11, the day Ross said he awash his shares, they would acquire been anniversary about $73,166 at the closing price.”

— Trump agents abide to acquire a adamantine time aback they’re out on the boondocks in Washington. From Paul Schwartzman and Josh Dawsey’s adventure on how White House admiral cross the capital: “One night, afterwards [White House adviser Stephen Miller] ordered $80 of takeout sushi from a restaurant abreast his apartment, a bartender followed him into the artery and shouted, ‘Stephen!’ Aback Miller angry around, the bartender aloft both average fingers and accursed at him, according to an anniversary Miller has aggregate with White House colleagues. Outraged, Miller threw the sushi away, abashed that addition in the restaurant had discharge in or contrarily tampered with his food, he afterwards told colleagues.”

colorado standard lease agreement
 Free Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement – PDF – Word
Free Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement – PDF – Word | colorado standard lease agreement

Paul Ryan speaks during the groundbreaking commemoration for the new Foxconn factory in Mount Pleasant, Wis. (Joshua Lott/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)


— “The Civic Republican Aldermanic Lath has aloof its endorsement of a aldermanic applicant in New Jersey afterwards reporters dug up abhorrent comments he’d fabricated about atramentous and Hispanic people,” David Weigel reports. “ ‘Bigotry has no abode in association — let alone the U.S. House of Representatives,’ NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said in a account Monday night. ‘The NRCC withdraws our abutment of Seth Grossman and calls on him to amend his candidacy.’ Grossman, a above adopted official in Atlantic County, was not the party’s aboriginal best to run in New Jersey’s 2nd District. Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo (R-N.J.) arise his retirement backward aftermost year, and the bounded affair accolade to acquisition a contender. … But while the NRCC initially criticized Democratic appointee Jeff Van Drew, a abstinent accompaniment senator, the chase had already agilely collapsed off the Republicans’ abatement map.”

— The Democratic primary in Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin district has angry nasty, as the antecedent favorite, Randy Bryce, finds himself on the arresting adjoin bounded academy lath affiliate Cathy Myers. Weigel reports: “Bryce entered the chase aftermost June with a viral video ad that fabricated him a left-wing sensation, memorably declared as a applicant who had been ‘genetically engineered from Bruce Springsteen songs.’ Myers declared her own antagonism a few canicule later, and did not become a left-wing sensation. But a year in the spotlight has occasionally larboard Bryce burned. In November, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel appear that Bryce had been abaft on adolescent support, and paid up anon afterwards entering the campaign. It was not the alone debt he paid off, but Myers formed on the adolescent abutment affair to altercate that Bryce was too baneful and capricious to win.” Myers has additionally gone afterwards Bryce for accomplished arrests angry to possessing marijuana and active beneath the influence.

— Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R), who faces a difficult reelection this year, appear axis a accumulation this year from a health-care accumulation that casework accessories including an ICE apprehension center. Politico’s Natasha Korecki reports: “In his best contempo account of bread-and-butter interests, the [multimillionaire] appear balance from a clandestine disinterestedness armamentarium that owns Correct Affliction Solutions, a for-profit bloom affliction provider that has millions of dollars in government affairs with jails and prisons beyond the country, including immigrant apprehension centers. The governor said he alone advance decisions to a third affair and has no absolute ties to Correct Affliction Solutions, a accumulation whose assignment extends to … one of aloof four immigrant ancestors apprehension centers in the country apprenticed for profit. Still, Rauner’s disclosures announce that he’s earning assets from the group, which letters anniversary acquirement of $1 billion.”

— Kentucky Advocate Accepted Andy Beshear (D) announced he will run for governor in 2019 adjoin Republican bounden Matt Bevin. (AP)

— In the countdown to this year’s midterms, a ascent cardinal of Democratic candidates are criticizing some of Israel’s behavior — breaking decades of antecedent in accusatory what they say are abuses adjoin Palestinians. ABC News’s Roey Hadar reports: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, [who agitated 10-term] bounden Rep. Joseph Crowley in aftermost month’s Democratic primary, congenital criticism of Israel’s accomplishments into her campaign, accusatory what she declared a contempo ‘massacre’ in Gaza. … Minnesota Accompaniment Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democratic applicant for the Minnesota aldermanic bench alone by approachable Rep. Keith Ellison, has gone a footfall further, arresting her 2012 cheep in which she declared Israel has ‘hypnotized the world’ and committed ‘evil doings.’ … Public assessment polling shows that sentiments acquire absolutely shifted, abnormally amidst Democrats. According to a Pew Research poll … Democratic voters ache about appropriately with the Israelis as the Palestinians, with accord for Israel bottomward 16 allotment credibility in the aftermost two years.”

— Crowley’s defeat continues to agitate up the House Democratic administering races. From Politico’s Heather Caygle: “Rep. Tim Ryan is because demography on [Nancy Pelosi] afresh in November admitting ahead cardinal out the idea. … Ryan, who won one-third of the caucus’ abetment in a long-shot bid afterward the 2016 election, would be the aboriginal amateur to appear adjoin Pelosi in the post-Crowley world.”

— “Two Years Ago, Revolution Messaging Helped Bernie Accession Millions. Now They’re In Crisis,” from BuzzFeed News’s Ruby Cramer: “The company, molded in the ‘DIY jailbait rock’ angel of its founder, Scott Goodstein, began about 10 years ago with a simple affiance to accelerating operatives: Amidst all the ‘bad gigs in the Democratic Affair ecosystem’ … this would be a abode breadth staffers were absolutely advised well, alive for audience they absolutely liked. Afterwards 2016, Revolution Messaging became alike with the politics, policy, and advance activity of the [Bernie] Sanders brand. … Amidst a transformational moment in American politics, however, accepted and above staffers alarm Revolution Messaging as a cautionary account of what happens aback movement aspirations accommodated the adamantine absoluteness of architecture a abiding institution.”

— Virginia Republicans are allurement the Supreme Cloister for an addendum in redrawing aldermanic districts, which a lower cloister threw out over claims of ancestral gerrymandering. Gregory S. Schneider reports: “While the case is beneath appeal, the Republicans asked the cloister to adjourn a claim that new aldermanic boundaries be fatigued by Oct. 30 for use in abutting year’s accompaniment elections. Redrawing the map now ‘will aftereffect in aborigine abashing and disruption to the primary process,’ the Republicans argue. ‘And that is to say annihilation of the immense decay of deficient resources’ if they win their appeal, the motion continues.”


— Six above Ohio Accompaniment University angry coaches came to the aegis of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), autograph in a account that none of them “saw or heard of corruption of OSU wrestlers.” Elise Viebeck reports: “The account arresting Jordan, who served as an abettor Ohio Accompaniment angry drillmaster from 1987 to 1995, was broadcast by the arresting bourgeois public-relations close Shirley & Banister Accessible Affairs. It was the aboriginal archetype of a able crisis communications close accepting complex in arresting Jordan aback the allegations became civic account aftermost week. … Arresting Jordan in a account Monday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) absolved [Perkins Coie, the close investigating the corruption allegations] as a ‘Washington, DC-based bedraggled tricks law firm.’ ”

— Jordan additionally accustomed a addition from House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.). “I acquire consistently accepted Jim Jordan to be honest, and I’m assured he would angle up for his athletes, aloof like he’s consistently stood up for what’s right,” Scalise said in a statement. “I’m animated that Jim is committed to alive with the lath to see that the abounding accuracy comes out and amends is served.” (Politico)

— But above wrestlers’ accounts of their interactions with aggregation doctor Richard Strauss abide to acrylic a advancing account of the OSU program. From Elise: “Reid Delman, who said he abutting the aggregation in 1986, said Strauss showered with the wrestlers for no credible acumen and conducted uncomfortably continued checks for hernias in the beam breadth during exams. ‘It’s boxy to put into words. It was absolutely inappropriate,’ Delman told The Washington Post on Monday. ‘I don’t apperceive how continued [a breach check] should take. It was long.’ Delman said he does not apperceive if anyone filed a academic complaint adjoin Strauss and does not bethink accepting specific conversations with Jordan about the doctor’s behavior.”

— Alike Jordan’s abutting colleagues in the House Freedom Conclave acquire been afraid to attack into the controversy. CNN’s Sunlen Serfaty and Daniella Diaz report: “Multiple associates of the [caucus] say they are ‘uncomfortable’ with the analysis growing about whether [Jordan] angry a dark eye to declared abuse, but those conservatives are demography a ‘wait and see’ admission for the time being, according to one antecedent Monday who is accustomed with their thinking. … The antecedent said Jordan’s relationships aural the House Freedom Conclave are strong, with his colleagues seeing him as a ‘good man who was allegedly aloof in a bad situation.’ … However, there is an acceptance that some conclave associates are agitable about putting their necks on the band afterwards yet alive the abounding adventure of what happened at Ohio Accompaniment University.”

— Indiana Advocate Accepted Curtis Hill is afraid calls for his abandonment amidst allegations that he groped four women, including a accompaniment lawmaker. John Wagner and Felicia Sonmez report: “‘A anniversary ago today, I had a name. I appetite my name back,’ Hill (R) said at a account appointment at which he declared himself as ‘a accursed man, accursed afterwards trial.’ ‘These accomplished several canicule acquire witnessed my name and acceptability abject through the approach in means I would acquire never imagined,’ he said, blaming a media with an ‘appetite for scandal.’ ”


Trump’s amusing media ambassador acquaint a account of the admiral and his Supreme Cloister nominee:

Trump accustomed his alternative this morning and cited a contempo Gallup poll assuming his approval at 90 percent amidst Republicans:

The NRA is throwing its weight abaft the nomination:

On the added side, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) — who represents the families of Newtown — aloft anxiety accretion about Kavanaugh’s record on guns:

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) airish these questions about Kavanaugh:

No one thinks Kaine will vote to affirm Kavanaugh, but Brian Fallon — who served as Hillary Clinton’s agent aback Kaine was her active acquaintance — still attacked:

Virginia’s above Democratic governor had acrid words for Kavanaugh:

George W. Bush’s above columnist secretary acclimatized the pick:

From a columnist for the Hill:

From a Vanity Fair writer:

From a Post White House correspondent:

A CNN anchorman accepted that Trump was fabricated acquainted of Kavanaugh’s rulings in favor of controlling power:

An ABC Account ambassador acclaimed that alone one accepted Senate Democrat voted to affirm Kavanaugh to the D.C. Circuit:

An ABC Account anchorman captured this moment afterwards the announcement:

Trump previewed his NATO cruise this morning:

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Yesterday, Trump bidding aplomb in Kim Jong Un, admitting contempo letters that North Korean admiral balked Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo during his cruise to Pyongyang aftermost week:

He additionally criticized a New York Times address that admiral from his administering accustomed to annihilate a pro-breastfeeding resolution at the Apple Bloom Assembly (but if you apprehend closely, it’s a acceptance that they did try to block it):

And he went afterwards biologic companies for their aerial prices:

Damian Paletta explains: “Trump’s comments … appeared to be in acknowledgment to a Banking Times address that showed that Pfizer had aloft prices on almost 100 drugs.”

Michael Cohen’s new advocate took a bash at Trump and Rudy Giuliani:

Stormy Daniels’s attorney responded to Davis:

Matt Drudge issued this admonishing a day afterwards Sacha Baron Cohen acquaint a bivouac for a new activity that included Dick Cheney signing a “waterboard kit”:

A presidential historian aggregate this accordant photo:

And a Post anchorman inspected a academy basketball coach’s new furniture:


— The Atlantic, “Canada’s Abstruse to Artifice the ‘Liberal Doom Loop,’ ” by Derek Thompson: “The apple is afire with the fires of common populism. The bonfire booty on altered shapes in altered nations. There is Trump’s ageism in America, Brexit in Britain, a bourgeois government in Poland … Geert Wilders’s ‘blond beastliness’ in the Netherlands, and the Kultur-warriors of Germany’s [AfD party]. But in the Canadian wilderness, the blaze isn’t communicable yet. [Canada] is the best across-the-board country in the apple in its attitudes adjoin immigrants, religion, and female … [And in a] baronial of the best important Canadian symbols and values, its citizens put ‘multiculturalism’ adapted abutting to the civic canticle — and aloof abaft their flag. … What’s Canada’s secret? A different alloy of administrative history, camp and alone geography, and bigoted backroom acquire artificial article different in the Great White North … [and] countries now accedence beneath the ache of xenophobic populism should booty note.”

— Wired, “How Silicon Valley fuels an breezy degree system,” by Antonio García Martínez: “Today’s ‘sharing’ abridgement resembles the ‘sharecropping’ of yesteryear, with the serfs responding to a smartphone alert rather than an overseer’s command. …  But it is the eyes of the approaching that San Francisco offers: awful stratified, with little amusing mobility. It’s bullwork with bigger marketing.”

— NBC Washington, “From FDR to JFK, Presidents Took Centermost Stage at Baseball All-Star Games in DC,” by Frederic J. Frommer: “On a hot adhesive July day in Washington 81 years ago, Admiral Franklin D. Roosevelt fabricated his way to the tiny ballpark two afar northeast of the White House, artifice a political storm of his own making. … Whether Trump shows up or not, the abutting All-Star Game will be the hottest admission of the summer, aloof as it was eight decades ago. In 1937, the Washington Post association editor declared the All-Star Game ‘the best blood-tingling accident of the summer amusing season.’”


“Miss Massachusetts Hopeful Resigns From Antagonism In Beef Of ‘Me Too’ Joke,” from HuffPost: “A adversary in the Miss Massachusetts antagonism has accommodated in beef afterwards a adept of ceremonies fabricated fun of the Me Too movement in a skit. Maude Gorman, who won the 2018 Miss Plymouth County appellation afore advancing to the state’s Miss America basic round, has been abrupt about her own animal advance at age 13. … She [said] she ‘instantly knew [she] had to do something’ afterwards she heard the antic biting the Me Too movement while she was backstage as a adversary for Miss Massachusetts. Believing that the absurdity beyond a line, Gorman accommodated from her title.” “I will angle up for every alone who has anytime had the adventuresomeness to allege out; and for every being who acquainted absolved by the #metoo movement,” Gorman said. “I will not acquiesce ANYONE to booty abroad that empowerment and liberation, or accomplish it annihilation beneath than what it is: AMAZING.”


“Women’s March Sends Columnist Absolution Bashing Trump Scotus Appointee — Forgets to Add Name of Nominee,” from the Daily Caller: “PR shops were alive overtime flacking for and adjoin [Trump’s Supreme Court] pick. However, one alignment that was not alive overtime was the hyper-liberal Women’s March. The advocate accumulation that sprang from Trump’s acclamation achievement accursed out an email to reporters and supporters slamming Trump’s appointee as allotment of a ‘patriarchal’ and ‘white supremacist’ agenda. Alone one problem: They beatific it out prematurely. The archetype beatific to hundreds of journalists aloof included an ‘XX’ breadth the name of the amends should be. In the aforementioned blast, ‘Kavanaugh’ is spelled amiss — with a ‘C’ instead of a ‘K.’ The accumulation adapted afterwards in the black — sending an ’UPDATED’ adaptation that was identical, with Kavanaugh’s name spelled accurately and in the abode of the ‘XX.’ The move demonstrates how viscerally adjoin the aces abounding on the political Larboard would be — behindhand of Trump’s selection.”


Trump and the aboriginal adult will fly to Brussels today for the NATO summit.

Pence will accommodated with Mitch McConnell and Kavanaugh this morning. He will additionally sit bottomward for interviews with bounded television and radio stations from states represented by endangered Democratic senators, according to Bloomberg News. 


California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who will retire at the end of this term, explained why he has not spent the about $15 actor actual in his advance war chest: “Having a armamentarium increases one’s relevance. … You appetite me to absorb it and acquire no added money and cipher is activity to anxiety anymore? That’s absolutely dumb.” (New York Times)


— Temperatures and clamminess levels will access in the District today. The Basic Weather Gang forecasts: “Bright blue skies acquiesce the sunshine to calefaction things up quickly. Highs should aiguille in the lower 90s for most. Clamminess is still not bad but does ascend abundant to add to the discomfort, as breezes will be lacking.”

— The Nationals absent to the Pirates 6-3, bringing Washington’s almanac aback bottomward to .500. (Jorge Castillo)

— Associates of the D.C. Board are affective to annul the election action that declared for adopting angled workers’ minimum wage. Reis Thebault and Peter Jamison report: “D.C. Board Chairman Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) and associates Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and Brandon T. Todd (D-Ward 4) said they intend to book a bill on Tuesday to annul Action 77, which voters acclimatized 56 percent to 44 percent in June. … The abolition legislation would not be taken up until the fall, afterwards the board allotment from its summer recess. It would allegedly be the aboriginal blast in abiding negotiations amidst the election measure’s supporters and the council.”

— Several board associates acquire additionally alien a bill that would crave D.C. restaurants to acquire cash, blame aback adjoin a growing “cashless” trend in the industry. From Fenit Nirappil: “Critics of no-cash behavior say they shut out the 1 in 10 District association who don’t acquire coffer accounts and undocumented immigrants who can’t calmly assurance up for cards. Some bodies additionally pay in banknote so they can bigger clue their spending or to abstain accepting their agenda advice stolen.”


Jimmy Kimmel alternate from vacation and belatedly responded to Trump’s comments about him during a assemblage backward aftermost month:

Stephen Colbert advised addition one of Trump’s contempo rallies:

The Post’s fact-checking aggregation begin that 76 percent of the absolute claims Trump fabricated aftermost anniversary during his Montana assemblage were false, ambiguous or bottomless by evidence:

Prince William’s youngest son, Prince Louis, was christened at St. James’s Palace in London:

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The mother mallard who was cared for by Interior Department advisers acutely alone her backup of nine eggs afterwards rats devoured eight of them. But yesterday, a distinct duckling emerged from its egg:

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