fikathiana April 12, 2017 @ 2:19AM

Browser Feature Can Record and Play — It has been widely available for advanced browsers you access the Internet. Repetitive activities are often carried out in using the browser. Now available a new application called iMacros, application for browser that provides a record and play feature.

Many of the same activity carried out repeatedly when using the browser. For example, accessing the same site, remember passwords, fill out the form, and so forth every time you use the internet. This is certainly waste of time.

Now there is a new application called iMacros. This application is the first web-based applications in the world that can record all your internet activities, and repeat it again next time.

IMacros main function is as a recorder and viewer internet activities (especially browsing). You no longer need to spend time with repeating the same activities as previously said earlier.

iMacros appear in two types of main window. The left side shows things that are being or have you done within a site. Underneath, there are 3 functions Play, Record, and Edit.

Play function can be activated if you want to go back to the site you’ve ever explored before, without having to crawl back through the browser.

Record function will record your activities while browsing which can later be played back when I want to go to the site by using play functionality.

Edit function will be edited from the Record, so you can change it later according to the settings you want.

IMacros application can also be used to carry out the import and export data from or into the CSV and XML files. Almost all Windows-based programming language to support the iMacros technology. For trying, you can install it on your Mozilla as a plugin.

If you’re curious to try iMacros application, this new browser with features and play this record, you can access directly to May be useful for you and good luck.

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